Class 25NC -3472 “Elize”

“Elize” was the first steam locomotive I had been behind since 1981, and she is an impressive machine. Considered to be the “Cadillac” of South African steam locomotives she is fitted with a mechanical stoker, roller bearings and all the “mod cons” and is considered to be a “modern” locomotive. She was placed back into operation at Reefsteamers in 2006, and while very powerful and modern, is a bit too heavy on coal and water for day trips. She is however, a very impressive machine, and her sheer size alone make her worth seeing in action.

South African Class 25NC 4-8-4 Wikipedia page

Reefsteamers has a proper history of this locomotive and while I know they do not like using her for short tours they still enjoy watching her in action. Sadly worn tyres and flanges have temporarily grounded her, but she is sure to grace the iron road once of these days.

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