Churches & Cemeteries

It is true, I visit cemeteries for fun. Seriously though, I started visiting cemeteries in 2007 to photograph war graves for the South African War Graves Project,   From there my interest grew, from a historical point of view, to an artistic one,  and finally as an urban explorer.

No two cemeteries are the same, and those in the UK differ considerably from those in South Africa which is where my initial stomping ground was. The Victorian Garden Cemeteries in the UK are magnificent and I am awed by the things I have seen in them.

This page and all the menu items below are my tribute to Cemeteries and Graveyards, wherever they may be.

Sai Wan War Cemetery Hong KOng

Sai Wan War Cemetery
Hong Kong

Palmietkuil South War Cemetery Gauteng, RSA

Palmietkuil South War Cemetery
Gauteng, RSA

Panoramic Cemetery Gallery

Panoramic Cemetery Gallery

Southampton Old Cemetery Southampton

Southampton Old Cemetery

The Magnificent Seven London

The Magnificent Seven



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