Roll of Honour. St John’s College, Houghton

St John’s College in Houghton has a very strong connection to the military, and there are two chapels on the premises. The larger chapel houses the Roll of Honour, whereas the Crypt Chapel has the Delville Wood Cross in it. I have dealt with that chapel in a previous post and this post really deals with the Roll of Honour. Unfortunately my images are less than satisfactory, but I was pushed for time and was not able to concentrate on what I was photographing, which is probably why it has taken so long for these images to appear in the first place.

I really started working on the Roll of Honour as a result of my involvement with “Lives of the First World War”, and really looked at the 1914-1918 portion of the Roll of Honour and created a community for it. I had hoped to be able to tie a name into a specific record but I was not always successful. The problem really is that some names tie into a number of possibles, or don’t tie into anybody and without more details I am just unable to do anything except guess, and even then I cannot. The results here may not be correct and I do welcome any help with them.  

The inscriptions are on wooden panels and it was not easy to read them which is why I took an image with the flash and an image without one.  Images link to either CWGC or South African War Graves Project. There are 4 sections to this page: World War 1, World War 2, Post World War, Private Memorials


(1) CA Bailey. No possible candidate found

(2). S Dunstan. There are two possibles at CWGC but no way to tie either of them to the ROH.

(3) A Eastwood. No possible candidate found

(4) A Fraser. Possible candidate

(5) W Hirst. No possible candidate found

(6) R Johnstone. Two possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH

(7) CD King. Many possibles but nothing to tie them into the ROH

(8) S Marsh. Two possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH

(9) R Martin. Many possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH

(10) J Peters. Many possibles but no way to positively tie them to the ROH

(11) B Stokes. No possible candidate found

(12) W. Ware-Austin. No possible candidate found. 

World War 2

L. Adams (2)
P.H. Andrews (3)
H.C. Campbell (4)
G. Cherrington (5)
B.D. Havnl (1)
J.A. Hill (7)
R. MacDonald (8)
D.F. Murray (9)
B.P. Purves (10)
F.M. Reim (11.)

(1) Surname appears to be Havnl but this may be missing characters. 

(2) May be

(3) May be

(4) Two possibles but not able to confirm which it is

(5) No data on a G Cherrington

(6) Aka known as Baratt, Thomas Oxenham Gordon

(7) Two possibles but no way of checking which it is

(8) May be

(9) Two possibles but not enough information

(10) May be,-brian-percival/

(11) Initials are given as M.F on grave

Post World War 2

M.D. Reitz  (1952)

C.H.C.R. Stewart (12)

R.H. Mentis (1963)

P.N. Gettliffe (12)

D.A. Carshalton (1976)

D.R. Mitchell (12)

A Gordon-Bennett (1978)

A. De Kiewiet (12)

(12) No record found

Private Memorials.

I saw two private memorials amongst the panels.

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Durban High School War Memorial

The images of the Durban High School War Memorial are courtesy of Shelly Baker. It may be found at GE co-ordinates -29.844204°, 30.997675°.

The school has existed since 1866 and recently celebrated it’s 150th anniversary. Sadly the Roll of Honour lists so many from the school that perished during the two World Wars as well as the Korean Conflict and the Border War, and one of it’s most famous old boys was Edwin Swales VC.  It is the oldest standing school in Durban and one of the oldest in South Africa.

250 old boys died, and more than 2000 were injured in both World Wars.  The Victoria Cross (VC), 27 Distinguished Flying Crosses (DFC), 21 Military Crosses (MC), 10 Military Medals (MM) and 8 Distinguished Service Orders (DSO) were awarded to old boys in these and subsequent conflicts. In the Battle of Delville Wood in 1916, 12 old boys were killed, 9 wounded and 3 were taken prisoner. (

The dome was designed by Professor L. Croft, and old boy, and was erected at the Durban High School and Old Boy’s Memorial Trust through the generosity of the late Mrs Lilian Readshaw, a benefactor of the school. Dedicated by the Reverend R. Horrocks, 11 November 1992.

Roll of Honour panels are available on request.

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Delville Wood Cross at St John’s College, Houghton

St John’s College in Houghton has a rich history and tradition of military service, and as a result memorials to masters and boys of the college are very prevalent at the school.  I was fortunate enough to visit on two occasions, and was finally able to photograph the Roll of Honour Plaques in the chapel and to view the memorials that relate to the school. This blog post really has to do with the Delville Wood Cross in the Crypt Chapel of All Souls.

The Delville Wood Cross
The Delville Wood Cross

There is another Delville Wood Cross at the headquarters of the Transvaal Scottish, but sadly they will not let anybody take photographs of it. This cross may also tie into the SOE Memorial at Patterson Park. The chapel is inscribed with the names of masters and old boys of the school who gave their lives in the World Wars.  I have finally completed transcribing the The World War 1 Roll and it may be viewed here

Google Earth co-ordinates for St Johns is:   26°10’34.42″S,  28° 3’26.28″E

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Commemorative Plaques at the Museum of Military History: Saxonwold

These photographs were taken at the Museum of Military History in Saxonwoldon. Sadly, no information is available on where these two plaques originate from, but it is thought that they were originally erected at a school in Natal.

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King Edward VII School War Memorial, Houghton, Johannesburg

I was fortunate enough to get permission to photograph this memorial inside the grounds of King Edward School (KES) in St Patrick Road, Houghton, in November 2012. A Remembrance Day Service is held at the memorial every year in November, and while I was invited, sadly I was not able to attend.

It commemorates the Masters and Boys of the school who lost their lives in both World Wars.

Dedication Plaque
Dedication Plaque

The memorial may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates:   26°10’24.35″S, 28° 3’46.35″E

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Jeppe High School for Boys War Memorial. Johannesburg

Jeppe High School for Boys in Kensington, boasts of a beautiful War Memorial which was paid for by Julius Jeppe and which was unveiled by Jan Smuts. It features a dome over a plinth with the names of  masters and pupils of the school that lost their lives in The Great War. The dome has a port which is supposed to let the sun shine on the ROH below on the 11th of November, although this does not work in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jeppe Boys High School War Memorial
Jeppe Boys High School War Memorial

One side of the dome is the school museum and the other side is to be used for “recruiting”. The names of boys who died while still at the school are on a separate memorial alongside the Dome.

World War 1 Roll of Honour
World War 1 Roll of Honour

Two World War 2 ROH Plaques are in the foyer of the school hall and it is hoped that a Border War Memorial will be built soon.

World War 2 Rolls of Honour
World War 2 Rolls of Honour

The main gates to the school are also dedicated to the memory of FWB Van Linsingen (Headmaster) and AS Dashwood, (Master), both of whom were killled in action at Bardia on 31/12/1941.

School Main Gates
School Main Gates
Main Gate Plaques

Google Earth co-ordinates are:  26°12’1.05″S, 28° 4’56.13″E

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The Grey High School War Memorial: Port Elizabeth

These photographs are courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore and were taken in August 2011 at Grey High School in Port Elizabeth.

The Memorial is situated against the wall of the assembly hall in the quad of the school. The school has a Remembrance Day Cadet Parade on 11 November each year with a flypast over the school quad at 11 minutes past 11 am.

Images by Ronnie Lovemore
Grey High School War Memorial

Grey High School was founded by John Paterson and named after Sir George Grey, Governor of  the Cape from (5 December 1854 till 15 August 1861. It  may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates 33° 57.668’S, 25° 35.754’E

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