What Twinns Do All Day.

The question was asked, what do Twinns do when there is nobody home? Its like asking the question “What does the light in the fridge do when the door is closed?” or “If a tree in a forest falls down and there is nobody to hear it, does it make a noise?”.
Through the modern wonders of television and the internet I was able to capture the Twinns doing what they do best when I am not here. Much to my amazement they didn’t really get up to too much mischief, but then for all I know they were faking it.

Some sit around and play cards all day and lose their pocket money.

Some help others to fix things.

Some read comics and scoff biscuits.

Some sit around and buy other Twinns on ebay.

Some catch up on their ironing

Some stuff their faces with Pizza when nobody is looking

Some make elaborate constructions out of wood

Some head outdoors and catch so rays

Some take up a new sport

While some make new colourful friends

And some help out with electrical work

And, when you get home, you can bet some will be ready to welcome you with chocolate.

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Caitlyn Looses her Head

Amanda had noticed that Caitlyn wasn’t her usual self lately and wondered what was wrong with her. She was even missing from the usual Sunday newspaper reading session, and it was unlike her to not be there to read the funnies. She decided to find out what was troubling her friend and fellow Twinn.
Amanda found Caitlyn on the balcony staring gloomily out over the garden.

“Caitlyn? what’s wrong? why are you sitting out here on your own? everybody misses you.”
“Oh Amanda, I don’t know what to do. My head is falling off.”
“It is? but that’s terrible Cait, when did you discover this?”
“I think it’s been happening for quite sometime, I have been waking up in really strange positions lately. I am so worried that I will end up in a box under the bed.”
“My dear friend, that will never happen, the Bossman will make sure that you get repaired. Nobody will put you in a box under the bed as long as we have anything to do with it. Come, let’s go speak to Sarah, she knows about head transplants and stuff like that.”
So Caitlyn and Amanda went inside and set up an appointment to see Sarah. Caitlyn sadly changed into the hospital gown and lay down on the bed while Sarah rummaged around for her medical kit.

Then Sarah gave Caitlyn a thorough examination. Listening to her armature, peering into her eyes, feeling her pulse and testing her reflexes.

She called Amanda, “There is good news and bad news. Caitlyn has a severe case of headandneckalitus. Its not easy to cure and does involve surgery, but we can also temporarily fix her with a bit of armature manipulation. Unfortunately, she will have to undergo the dreaded “elastic band around the head” treatment sooner or later.”
“Will she be able to play with us again Doctor Sarah?”
“Yes she will, but she must just take it easy until we can operate, she must have no stresses or strains and she mustn’t rubber neck too much.”

Sarah told Amanda what to do to manipulate Caitlyn’s head back into its connector. Amanda held Caitlyn’s feet while Sarah pushed and rolled Caitlyn’s head from side to side until her head was securely back on again. “It’s not a permanent cure I’m afraid, but it will hold until I can get proper instructions on the treatment.”

Caitlyn was almost back to normal again, “Thank you Doctor Sarah, I feel much better. “
“It’s my pleasure Caitlyn, but you will have to take things easy from now on, I will contact Nurse Meko and Dr Jo in Pennsylvania for more information on what to do, I have never done one of these ops before, the biggest op I ever did was on a grape with a broken leg.”
“There you go Caitlyn,” Amanda said re-assuringly, “there was no need to worry like that, we will sort you out and stick by you. “
“Thanks Amanda, I know I am in good hands, and I know now that I will soon be back to normal again.”

Sarah gave Caitlyn an injection of strong tea and some chocolate pills to make her feel better. “I will write you out a doctor’s note excusing you from the Alpha Twinn duties. I think light duty until the new year should do it. We will tentatively schedule the op for the week between Christmas and New Year.”

“Thank you Amanda and Doctor Sarah, you have helped me a lot. I feel much better. Now, who has got the funnies? where are the Sunday papers?”
So Caitlyn was back to normal again, but has to take it easy. We are all holding thumbs for her recovery and will cover the operation live as it happens. Keep watching this space.

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Cookie Saves the Day

It was yet another day at the factory and those responsible for selling the Twinns were hard at work attempting to work out how 67 Twinns had escaped from the factory under suspicious circumstances. It was very mysterious, and all started when a much neglected Audrey got tired of gathering dust because she had a wobbly neck and 2 left arms. She was also very upset that nobody had even bothered rectifying these wrongs. They kept on shipping her as is and she kept on being returned by irate owners to be. “I am fed up!” she declared to a neighbouring Maddie.
“I know how you feel Audrey, I have been sold already and then they suddenly cancelled my order. Its very disconcerting.”
“I know that we aren’t the only ones, I hear there are a few Madalenes who were in the back room ready to be sold when they were suddenly removed for a private sale.”
“Don’t you hate that?” A Clementine said from another shelf.
“Yes! we are all fed up. We want to get shipped out to our new owners but there are always problems!” Many small voices added their discontent to the conversation.
“It’s about time we stood together and did something.” The Audrey said, all fired up with enthusiasm.
“Next time that door opens I am going to make a run for it.” A corkscrew curled Cookie said, pointing to the door that led out of the store.
“Count me in” said an Allison with a smirk, “It’s all or nothing.”

The sound of footsteps was heard, and the squeak from the wheel of the trolley that took the dolls to be photographed. The door opened and in walked the Janitor. “Good morning girls,” he snickered. “I have to bring through some dolls for photographs. Any volunteers?”
The Cookie silently hopped off her shelf and snuck out behind him as he addressed the Twinns in their shelves.
“Ok, if nobody is volunteering then I guess I will just have to choose a few of you. Just think, your new owner could be just an online shopping cart away.” He picked up the Maddie and a Berk as well as 3 Ariels, a Rosemary, Tamsen, and a Pearl . “I will be back for some more of you soon. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to drop off that busted Audrey at the dismantling department too so will leave her time to say her goodbyes.” He made a ripping apart gesture to the Audrey and then left.

Audrey was shocked. She knew that it was just a matter of time before she would end up as spare parts and recycled vynil, but now that the time had arrived she suddenly felt very sad. “I guess this is it my friends” she said once the evil janitor had left.
“Don’t give up Audrey, there is always hope.” Danielle said.
“Go hide in Cookies shelf, it’s close to the door and you will be able to escape when he comes back.” Lenora suggested.

Maddie and the other Twinns were wheeled into the photography studio where the Janitor grabbed each one and propped her up for a photo. “These dolls are so lifelike it always seems as if they want to talk. I must be going senile” He said to nobody in particular. “Each time I go to that store room where they keep the completed dolls I swear it feels as if I have interrupted a meeting and that their eyes follow me when my back is turned.”

Cookie, who had snuck into the photography studio, overheard the monologue, “I have an idea….” she thought to herself. She waved frantically at the trolley where the other Twinns were waiting their turn to be photographed. Pearl saw her waving and nudged Berk. She in turn nudged Rosemary who then nudged Ariel 1, 2 and 3 until everybody was watching Cookie. The photographer/janitor was too busy to realise what was happening around behind him. Cookie started to semaphore the Twinns, telling them her plan. When the janitor came back with Maddie he was confronted by a row of Twinns, hands on their hips, determined looks on their faces.
“Ok wiseguy, we have had enough! either you let us go or we will have to take drastic action against you.”
“What? I knew it! these dolls are alive. Either that or the last bottle of snake-eye I drank was off.”
“Keep your mitts in the air Bozo!” Pearl said, her hand in her pocket simulating a gun. “And put the Maddie down. Gently.”
The janitor gingerly put Maddie down onto the floor. She turned around and kicked him on the ankle “That will teach you to twist my head like that!”

“What do you girls want? I am only a janitor you know.”
“We want out of here, we are tired of being used as pawns in this game. Either you let us out of here or we are going to take over this place and take hostages and then you will see what it feels like to be painted badly and have people mess with your arms.”
“You can’t take hostages, you are dolls!” The janitor said, “dolls are supposed to be nice and sweet!”
“HA! where did you hear that? I will have you know that some of us are leaders in the fields of science and technology. We too have dreams and hopes.” Maddie said.
“And I want to open my own Chinese restaurant” Berk added wistfully.
“All I really want is to have a nice home where there are people who will take care of me.” Cookie added.
“But I can’t let you go, the management will not believe me when I tell them that I was held hostage by heaps of vynil with eyes!”
“That is your problem I am afraid.”
“Ok, lets deal…. I will arrange that you all get sold immediately, and we will call it quits. Hows that?”
“Only on one condition. Audrey is taken out of here and not sent to the dismantling shop but to the hospital where she can get fixed up.”

“I am sure I can arrange that.” The janitor agreed.
“How do we know we can trust this loser Cookie?”
“We have no choice Pearl. But if he tells this tale to management do you think they will believe the story?”
“Oh yes true, I never thought of that.”

The janitor (who in reality wasn’t such a bad guy), gathered up the Twinns and went to the computer station nearby, “This is where they post the dolls to the shopping cart. I cant type really well so it could take awhile to enter everybody in”.
“That’s Ok, I can type, I want to be a data capturer one day.” Ariel 1 said.
“Me too, I want to become a secretary.” Ariel 2 said.
“Me three. I want to become a stenographer” Ariel 3 said, afraid to be left out.
The three Ariels sat down at the terminal and quickly worked out how to post a doll up for sale. “This is child’s play, “
Ariel 2 said, “Even a fashion doll could do it if her neck wasn’t so long.”
“We better hurry Ariel, there are 67 Twinns to post and we don’t have much time.”
“Pearl, get the rest of the girls photographed so long and lets paste their pics up.”
“Oh look, somebody has bought Maddie already.” Rosemary noticed.
“And there goes Tamsen.”
“Yippee!!! I have a new owner.” Berk said. “Mary Pat just bought me.”
“I have booked Audrey into the doll hospital, we must just get her a tag and boxed.” Ariel 1 said.
“Rosemary, Pearl, grab those labels and take them to the storeroom, tell everybody to grab a box and head off to dispatch with it once we have them photographed. Get the sold sealed and ready for collection by DHL. We will need everybody to help out here.”
“Okey dokey, but don’t forget to sell me.”
“Pearl, that’s you just sold too.”

“Oh look, Jo is online. I bet I can sell Cookie to her.” Ariel 3 said, dropping Cookie into Jo’s shopping cart. Everybody watched expectantly as the transaction was processed. Even the janitor had forgotten that he was supposed to be on managements side.
The Twinns gave a high five. “YES!!!!” Cookie, you are off to Pennsylvania”.

More Twinns came through from the storeroom and those who weren’t yet sold helped to get everybody into boxes, sealed them, labelled them and sent them through to despatch. The 3 Ariels stayed at their post until they too were sold and a Sharon and Tasha took over from them until they too were sold. Soon only Cookie, Audrey and the janitor were left.
Audrey picked up the phone and dialed DHL. “Can you come collect 67 parcels from us please? You can? excellent.” She gave the collection address and reference numbers. “That’s almost everybody. Only me and you Cookie.”
“I will see you into your box off to the doll hospital Audrey.”
“Thanks my friend, I don’t think any of us will ever forget this night.”
The janitor scratched his head, “I know I sure won’t.”

Cookie and the janitor packed Audrey into her box and sealed it, then Cookie turned to the janitor. “I am trusting you to seal me into my box and add me to the shipment. If you don’t do it just remember that there are lots of dolls here, and each one will know what happened. And late at night when you are alone they will come after you if you betray us.”
“Don’t worry Cookie, I will make sure that you head off to Pennsylvania. I have learnt a lesson tonight and will make sure that I treat the other dolls right from now on.”
Cookie lay down in her box and the janitor tied her ribbons for her. “I don’t even know your name.”
“Just call me Fred.”
“Thanks Fred, you have made lots of people and Twinns very happy tonight.”
Fred the janitor shook Cookies hand. “I haven’t had so much fun in years. I think I must get myself a Twinn too.”
“What? only 1? well if you do, make sure you get a Caitie.”
“I will remember your recommendation. Enjoy your trip.”

As he closed Cookies box the DHL man arrived. “Wow, that’s a lot of boxes.”
“Yep, we were extra busy tonight, never seen anything like it.” Fred handed Cookies box to the DHL man, “make especially sure that this one gets there. She is special.”

So the Twinns dispersed to their new homes and Cookie duly arrived in Pennsylvania, as did the Ariels, Pearl, Rosemary and everybody else. The Berk made a slight detour to Chinatown where she met up with some other Asian dolls and they had a Asian Girls night out before she resumed her travels. Audrey even made it to the doll hospital where she was repaired and eventually sold to her new owner.
Fred the janitor never told anybody about what happened that night inspite of the questions that were asked. Management were not too concerned though as the whole upload had been sold in a matter of hours. Fred even got a transfer to the assembly line and has become quite adept at face painting. He managed to rescue a fine Caitie from the dismantling shop and she belongs to him, he now has his eye open for a Kelsey. And, while he works every now and then one of the Twinns will wink at him, because he is one of the few people at the factory that know what really happened that night. He also knows that they are still out there watching….

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Bathtime With Heather (2)

When last we saw Heather….

“Heather? are you ok? I never meant to startle you!” Virginia said when she saw Heather laying in the bath, seemingly motionless.
Heather rubbed her head, “Ow, my head! well, that seems to be the end of my raspberry cocktail… Did you get my copy of Twinn Variety Virginia?”
“Yes I did, I hope you enjoy reading it.”
“Thanks Virgina, you know I like to keep abreast of the entertainment news for Twinns.”

Her copy of Twinn Variety at the ready, Heather was content to spend the rest of the morning in the bath, sipping at her raspberry cocktail and hoping to spot THE casting advert that would make her the star she so desperately wanted to be

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The Perfect Penny

The Order of the Noble Emmas at the Continuum were holding an emergency meeting with Corky playing ChairTwinn in the absence of Taryn who had not arrived.

Corky banged away with the official radish gavel. “ORDER!” She shouted.
“I’ll have a cheese burger with a side order of fries please Corky.” Kerry sniggered.
Sally was busy concentrating on the refreshments, “and I would like a strawberry milkshake please. And may I have a chocolate now?”

“Sally, leave the refreshments for after the meeting, we have much more important things to discuss. Firstly, has anybody seen Taryn?”
“It’s a jolly bad show not to arrive in time for a meeting,” Cavendish remarked “Why, when I was in the Foreign Office the undersecretary was always tasked to…..”
“I heard she was helping out in the kitchen Corky, something about she owed Cathy a dishwashing fatigue because Cathy had worked at reception for her during the time when Taryn was away at the mall when she was supposed to be on duty. ” Kerry said, glad to interrupt prevent Cavendish from telling one of his endless Foreign Office anecdotes.
“Oh phooey, Ok, we will just have to go on without her. As I was about to say, we are Pennyless once more!” Corky said, banging the table with the gavel for emphasis.
“And, its not the same without a full compliment of Emma’s either.” Carin reminded everybody “There has to be a full compliment of Emmas to bring balance to the Continuum”
“It’s either that or the Cookies will take over, and we will end up with crumbs in our beds.” Corky added.
Everybody always made fun of the Cookies, it was a tradition amongst the Emmas.

Carin proposed the motion that the only thing left to do was to hold auditions once again to find a replacement Penny.
“Yes, but remember what happened last time? we ended up with a gazillion Cookies knocking at the door, all hoping that they would be let in”. Carin said, remembering how she had come out of the dining hall and discovered 13 Cookies all queued up waiting to be interviewed.
“I know, lets ask everybody to send in their pic and we can then draw up a shortlist of candidates.” Kerry suggested. “We won’t even have to spend a Penny on advertising either, word of mouth ought to do it.” Sally reminded everybody.

Word spreads quickly at the Continuum, and as the meeting was in it’s closing stages there was a knock on the door and in came Cecilia who was doing duty as PostTwinn. “Hi guys, sorry to disturb your meeting, but an envelope has arrived addressed to “the Emmas”.

“Thanks Cecilia. I bet it is junk mail.” Corky said, taking the envelope.
Everybody waited while she opened it. “Well? what’s it say?”
“You aren’t going to believe this, but somebody has already sent in their photo for consideration as the new Penny.” She handed the picture around.

“I recognise her, she was the Twinn that disguised herself on TV one day and said that a giant croc had attacked her”. Carin said angrily. “That escapade was not good for the morale of the crocs. Carlisle in particular took it very badly.”
“REJECTED!” everybody chorused.
“I just wish the Penny’s didn’t leave so often.” Kerry said. “I just get to know one and then she leaves and we are back where we started again.”
“I agree, I think next time around we must get her to sign a contract with a very heavy penalty clause in it.”
There was another knock on the door and Cecilia came in again “Here is another one girls. I don’t know where this mail is suddenly coming from.”
“Thanks Cecilia. I suspect you will be getting many of these over the next few weeks.”
“Oh that’s Ok, I am going off duty today, one of the Cookies is doing post parade from tomorrow.”
Again Corky passed the pictures around “This one looks familiar too.”

“You know, it looks like Brenda. If it wasn’t for that hair colour I would say it was her. ” Carin said.
“It is Brenda! I remember now, it was when we were trying out other hair for her.” Corky recalled. “But how did Brenda know about the situation? Is she psychic?”
“Um, actually she is Corky. They don’t call her “The Astonishing Brenda, Fortunes Told and Palms Read” for nothing.”
“Look there is something written on the back. What does it say?”

“Ooh-er! I forgot that Brenda can still vote. Remind me to get a proxy vote from her Carin.”

And so the meeting adjourned and over the next few days the word spread that the Continuum was looking for a possible replacement for Penny. The pictures rolled in and were hotly debated by the resident Emmas.

Kerry pointed her finger at the one picture “I don’t believe it! number 5 is a Cookie! Oooh they must be desperate”.
“Cookies can be pretty sneaky when they want to be Kerry, one must always beware of Cookies.”
“Especially Chocolate Chip Cookies.” Carin said hungrily.
“And number 8 is an Ariel. Don’t these Twinns understand that we are looking for Emma’s only?”
Corky rapped on the table with her gavel. “I think we should adjourn our meeting and make a decision once we have all the photo’s in, then we can get some of the candidates in for an interview.”
“About time too. I am getting hungry. Anybody for some milk and Cookies?”
Sally groaned. ‘Why did I know that she was going to say that? I bet you have been saving that line up all along Kerry.”
“Of course I have. And, I would like to point out that number 3 pic is disqualified!”
“But she is so pretty, in fact, she looks very familiar.” Sally said.

“That’s because she is familiar! it’s you silly!”
Everybody burst out laughing and then headed down to the dining hall for lunch.

The next week the Emmas spent weeding out the chaff from the potentials.
“How about her?” Kerry asked, holding up a picture.

“She is very pretty, but where did she get that dorky hat?” Corky remarked.
“And she has green eyes. Penny’s are supposed to have blue eyes.” Carin said.
“But one of the Penny’s had green eyes Carin.”
“Did not!”
“Did too!” I have her pic here in my files.” Corky rummaged through her files. “Aha! check this out. She had beautiful green eyes.” Corky spread 3 pictures out of all the previous Penny’s. She pointed at the first picture. “See?”
“Oops, you are correct Corky. My mistake. How could I forget her?”
“The Penny has just dropped for Carin.” Corky interjected.
“I must admit we have had some very nice Penny’s here, and each has been a wonderful Twinn. It is just so sad that they move on like this.” Corky laid down pictures of the last 3 Penny’s. “I miss them all.”
“Me too.”

The meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door. “I bet it’s the post again with a heap of pictures for us to look through.” Carin said.
“Well, we better get it over with I suppose.” Sally said, opening the door.
“Hi Sally, can you help me with these?”

It was Taryn with 2 Emma heads, “I was at the sickbay and found that there were 2 Emma’s passing through which we could consider too if need be,” Taryn said.
The Emmas all clustered around the 2 heads and exchanged pleasantries, promising to get back to them as soon as possible. Taryn returned the 2 heads to the sickbay and then returned to the meeting.
“Any progress?” she asked.
“Not really Taryn, we have however decided to get more chocolates for the next meeting.” Sally said smugly.
“We need to make a decision soon, I believe that questions are being asked about why Penny’s always leave us.”
“It’s not as if we chase them away or anything,” Carin said by way of an explanation, “It’s just that Penny’s are just very much in demand,”
There was another knock on the door, “If that is a Cookie I am going to scream.” Sally said jokingly. She opened the door and in came Penny

“Hi girls, whats with the big meeting?”
“Penny? is that you?” Everybody asked.
“Of course it’s me, why are you all staring at me like that?”
“We thought you had left!” Carin said.
“And we were auditioning for a new Penny.” Taryn said sheepishly.
“And I moved into your room.” Sally said equally sheepishly.
“And I claimed your favourite dress.” Corky said guiltily.
“But I was only gone for a week. I went to do a first aid course at the Twinn Academy.”
“A course? But…. Taryn you said that Penny was leaving!”
“I did? er… what I meant was… um….. chocolate anybody?”

And so the Order of Noble Emmas was once again complete, and there was balance in the Continuum.

Unfortunately Taryn was feeling somewhat foolish for thinking that Penny was leaving. But everybody forgave her when she volunteered to do one of their kitchen fatigues as penance. Penny reclaimed her room and her dress and everybody was happy, (except for the Cookies).

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The Madisons Make Shirts

It all started when Hayley had a body transplant. Her ankles were very weak and it was decided that the best way to help her would be a total body replacement. Of course, after the surgery, Hayley had to visit the legendary Shoe Tree, and there she discovered several pairs of tie-dyed socks.
In the days and weeks that followed, Hayley, under the able tutelage of Wendy, studied the art of dyeing. She then convinced the other Madisons at the Continuum to work with her so that they could have tie-dyed shirts for their annual face mold portrait.
The word spread, and requests came in from many other Twinns who wanted their own tie-dyed shirts. So on a fine fall afternoon, the Madisons gathered to work on shirts for their friends.

Hayley carefully stirred a packet of Kool-Aid into the simmering dye pot. “This is great,” she commented. “I’m glad you guys were willing to help.”

“We enjoy it,” said Janna, who was tying off a white shirt with rubber bands.
“And maybe we will get enough money to take a trip somewhere,” added Eileen. The twins often finished each other’s sentences and sometimes even lapsed into their own private language.
“Where shall we go?” asked Julianna, who was in charge of hanging the finished shirts to dry.
“I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa,” said Margo.
“Hey, Virginia is over there. We ought to send Virginia a shirt to let her know she is still part of our group,” Hayley said, stirring the dye to a beautiful color of purple.
“That’s a great idea,” mumbled Julie with a clothespin in her mouth, then taking it out, she added, “Which one shall we send her?”
“We have a bigger problem,” said Margo. “What shall we put on our logo for the shirt tags?”
Margo was very artistic and she was trying to design the perfect label.

“Manufactured by the Madison, uh, Medley?” Eileen suggested.
“What about the Magical Mystery Madisons?” asked Janna, who was a big Beatles fan.
“I don’t know about you, Janna, but I don’t feel very magical or mysterious,” Hayley commented. “How about plain old Madison Manufacturing?” Hayley tended to be very practical and down to earth.
Just then Jeremy appeared with a load of firewood for the fire. He had recruited David to help, as Randy had gone somewhere with the wagon on an important mission.
“Hey, Jeremy, what should we call ourselves for the T-shirt labels?” Margo called.
“Why do we have to call ourselves something?” Jeremy asked.
“We need a logo for the labels,” Eileen explained. “Margo is designing them.”

“Well, what about the Merry Madisons, like Robin Hood and his Merry Men?” asked Jeremy, depositing the sticks beside the fireplace.
“Oh, so we can be Jeremy and his Merry Madisons?” asked Julie, who never missed an opportunity to tease her brother.
“Well, I AM the only boy,” Jeremy pointed out.
“We Ariels are the Ariel Aggregation,” David commented.
“But since Jackie left for West Virginia there are only two of you,” observed Hayley. She emptied another packet into the dye pot and the water turned a beautiful shade of cerise.
“Well, two Twinns can be an aggregation.” David argued. “Besides, I know for a fact that the head of the Continuum has her eye on a couple of MT friends who are Ariels. And we will have three if Margarita ever gets a wig.”
“The head of the Continuum has a Madison on her list, too,” said Janna, who had seen the list and contemplated writing in another of her twin sisters who was still available. “Don’t be too smug, David.”

“Does it have to rhyme?” spoke up Hayley. “After all, the Emmas are the Royal Order of Emmas.”
“And what about the Cookies? I don’t think they have a name, do they?” Margo asked.
“The royal order of crumbs,” joked Jeremy, who was still a little put off that the Cookies had trounced the Madisons in softball. Unfortunately the Madisons hadn’t won a game during the entire summer.
“Hey, Jeremy, which of these shirts should we send to Virginia?” Julie interrupted. She knew Jeremy had a fondness for his cousin in South Africa and didn’t want to remind him that she had dropped three balls in the outfield during the recent bout with the Cookies.
“Well, not the one that looks like a fried egg,” Jeremy said with a grin. “I don’t know how the Bossman feels about cooking eggs for all his Twinns. Why don’t we e-mail her a photo and let her choose?”

Virgina was so excited when she saw the email that she jumped up on the table and waved her arms in front of the monitor “I want that one! no that one! the fried egg one! the squished strawberry one!! ooooooooh I hate making important decisions like this on an empty stomache!”

A few weeks later, when Paige arrived she brought along a shirt for Virginia. And she was very impressed too. “My very own Mad Shirt.”

She bumped into Dawn one morning. “Hi Virginia. I like your shirt. Is it an original?” Dawn asked.
“Hi Dawn, yes, it’s a one of a kind Mad Shirt. Made by the Madisons back at the continuum.”
“They made a great job of it too. I think I must put in an order for one of those Mad Shirts, you never know, it may come in handy as a disguise.”

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Take your Daughter to the Office 2007

Caitlyn likes to pop along to see where I work and check out the employment opportunities in a field other than detecting, after all, she said that she had become more of an administrator and never seemed to actually detect anything anymore. I had changed jobs since she had first come with me in 2004, although I still do more or less the same thing, its just with a bigger company and on a wider variety of products.
Before she started anything she had to buy some airtime on the dolly phone so that she could call Dawn and tell her all about it.

Airtime! I need airtime!
Airtime! I need airtime!

Having bought her airtime, she then helped out with invoicing. Caitlyn is computer literate but does type slightly slowly because of her small hands. And, we wont even discuss what happens to the mouse when she can’t reach it. I hope that nobody gets upset when they get an invoice for 50 Gazzalion Dolly Dollars.


Luckily she got bored really quickly and then decided to take a turn around the factory.

“What’s this do?” she asked.
“It’s a machine for putting crimps on Molex connectors.”
“What’s a crimp? and what’s a Molex?” was the expected question after that.
How does one explain these things to a Twinn? I can’t very well say “ask your mother!” can I? “I will explain later. Come along, let me show you the airtime machines that we are building.” was the best way of changing the subject I could think of at that moment.

Caitlyn helped out with a few things, although I suspect we may have to double check those machines before we ship them. She was glad to move onto something else. “Those things are just too tall to work on comfortably” she said.
I showed Caitlyn all of the completed termninals that we had built and that were now packed and ready to be sent out. “We are just waiting for the guys next door to come collect them and put them on their side of the building.”
“I’ll help move them…..” she volunteered.

Having moved the boxes, Caitlyn was bushed. “I need a water break.” She insisted.

Refreshed after her mammoth box moving session Caitlyn decided to help out with the floor cleaning. “These floors get so dirty from all the boxes and bits of wire and stuff, this floor cleaning is a full time job! Pass the floor polish please.”

Having washed the floor Caitlyn was feeling kind of tired. “I think my armature is strained.” She explained.
“I have the solution to that Cait, come into the store..”

Her sweet tooth satisfied and armature suitably re-enforced, we headed back to my workshop where I showed her the pile of handheld terminals that seemed to be breeding under the table. “These are my bugbear Cait, I cannot keep up with them. Any ideas?”
“Sure, no problem,” she explained. “Let me just get the solution out of your toolbox…”

Somehow I didn’t think that was such a good idea, although I was sorely tempted to use the Caitlyn solution. “Come along Cait, it’s lunchtime, lets go sit down and have a sarmie or two.”

But Caitlyn was tired, she had spent the whole previous night watching reruns of “Bride of Chucky” and “Devil Doll” and soon her eyelids grew heavy. “I am just going to take a short nap.” She said.

Poor Cait, I expect moving all those boxes wore her out. Or was it all the sweets and chocolate? I bet she will rather stick to detecting instead of working in the electronics field. But, it was fun having her at work and she does send her greetings to everybody at the factory, and says that Graeme must really clean his desk.

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The Twinns Move House (5)

The big day dawned and chaos (as is usual in these things) was of the order of the day. Fortunately the Twinns were all moved and waiting by the time I got to the new place so I did not have to concern myself about them for awhile.
Amanda and Brenda were helping sort out the DVD’s and paperbacks. “Brenda, now that I see all these X-Files episodes, whatever happened to Alison, Megan and Rosa? you know, the Magic Attic Girls.”
“Good question Amanda, in the hubbub of moving I don’t thing anybody even thought about them. I don’t even recall seeing them at the meeting we had before we left. Lets go check their usual spot.”

Brenda was correct, the Magic Attic Girls were in their usual spot already. “Hi girls!” Amanda cried, waving at Megan, Rosa and Alison.

“Hi Amanda, Brenda.” the Magic Attic girls chorused.
“So the Twinns finally got here I see.” Alison said to Rosa and Megan.
“What did you expect Ali? Twinns just have too much baggage to carry with them, unlike you Magic Attic girls.” Brenda replied.

“Well, we kind of knew the Magic Attic girls always look after themselves.” Amanda explained.
“That’s right Amanda, the moment we heard that we were about to move house we made our plans.” Rosa said.
“And, while everybody was trying to squeeze themselves into boxes we moved ourselves.” Alison said.
“But how did you do it?” Brenda asked. “I know I never saw the three of you move. One moment you were there, the next you were gone.”
“Ah Brenda, that’s because us Magic Attic girls have the key to the Magic Attic. And once you have that key anything is possible.” Megan explained.

“Well, that explains it all. I think we must ask Cait if we can get a magic key too. Although I suspect poor Cait has enough keys to carry around with her nowadays.” Amanda said.
“Does that key do unpacking?” Brenda enquired. “Because if it does the bossman would sure like to use it as there is still so much to unpack, and he needs all the help he can get. “

However, the move was not without it’s problems, and we soon discovered that an important member of the household had gone missing….

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The Twinns Move House (4)

A week later I moved another 8 Twinns and by the weekend the flat was looking like a bomb had hit it. Only a few Twinns were now left. Caitlyn and Dawn stood on the balcony for the last time. “This is it Dawn, the last time we will stand on this balcony.”

“It’s kinda sad, we had a lot of good times on this balcony. Do you remember the dreaded Twinn gobbling orange rapid viper?”
“Who could ever forget that escapade. I still don’t know where you got the energy to leap into our arms like that Dawn.”

“Never mind that, what happened to my hair??” Dawn asked in horror.
“Don’t you remember? you went through a stage of strange hair.”
“I think I will rather forget it thanks.”

Caitlyn and Dawn went inside to where the huge pile of boxes waited to be transported.

“Just think of how many new Twinns made their debut here,” Caitlyn said, leaning on a box.
“Most of them passed through here at some point. And for some this was their first home too.”
“Myself included.” Caitlyn recalled.
“You were the first Twinn on the continent Cait, that’s an accomplishment all on its own.”
“And you were the second Dawn, and don’t you forget that! Come, lets go to the bedroom. Tina is briefing us all and I need to see all of you safely into your boxes.”

There were only 5 Twinns left. Amanda, Dawn, Nicole, Tina and Caitlyn. “OK girls, we are the last load of Twinns to go. Dawn and Amanda can take one box and Nicole and I will take the other.”
“Who will pack you Cait?” Amanda asked.
“I will leave with the Bossman a day or two before the move Amanda.”
“Just make sure they don’t leave you behind!”
“That’s the least of my worries Nicky, I am holding thumbs that the weather holds. We have had some pretty strange weather lately.”
“Let’s not tempt fate girls. We must be positive that all will go well. Grab your goodies, lets get everybody sealed up and ready for transport. Cait, will you do the honours?”

Caitlyn and I sealed the last of the Twinns into their boxes and I took them to their new home while Caitlyn remained behind checking for any odd bits and pieces that still needed packing, I had especially reminded her to check under the bed.

“Lots of dust bunnies, a tool box and… oh, my hat! I have been looking for it for quite awhile. Mustn’t forget my hat. Nothing else that needs packing though, it’s all pickup and load stuff left here.” She said to herself. Then she clambered up into the top cupboard to check that all was out there too.

“Nope, nothing left up here. Gee, it would have made a nice private little pad for me. Pity I never got up here before. The Bossman seems to have everything packed so I guess all that’s left is for me to be moved”.
When I got back I loaded more stuff into my car and Caitlyn climbed into her box with her little suitcase by her side and her precious hat next to her. “OK Bossman, lets go….”

And so I sealed Caitlyn in her box and took her across to the new flat. It was quiet when I got home, the first time since 2004 that there were no Twinns in sight. I kind of miss them and I hope they are behaving themselves at our new home. I wouldn’t want the neighbours to complain about them singing rowdy dolly songs till all hours of the morning. The big day is only 1 day away now, only 2 more sleeps…..

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