Boksburg Cenotaph, Boksburg

These photographs were taken on the 10th of January 2012 at the Boksburg Cenotaph. The Memorial can be found in the grounds of the Civic Centre and looks out on the corner of Bank and Commisioner Streets. Flanked by two guns, the Cenotaph has been vandalised to a point where most of the inscriptions are missing and no names are legible anymore.

It must have been a very impressive Cenotaph in its heyday too, but today it is just another travesty. The guns have been stripped of everything removable, and one of these days will probably be stolen too given that nobody seems to have noticed the removal of the inscriptons from the memorial.

The remains of the cenotaph may be found at  S26 13.365, E28 15.054.

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