Bezuidenhout Valley War Memorial

**Update 17/06/208**

In June 2018 I was shown an article that showed the state of the memorial after it had been extensively vandalised beyond repair. There is an article on the Heritage Portal  about it and frankly it is disgraceful. Unfortunately it seems as if the odds of it being repaired are small. Realistically it should have been moved years ago, but its now too late. Consequently this memorial is now extinct.

Original post.

I originally visited the Bezuidenhout Valley World War One Memorial which is situated on the corner of Kitchener Road and 9th Ave in Bez Valley/Kensington during August 2007. At the time the memorial was in a very poor condition and the fountain was not working.

Memorial in 2009

I subsequently revisited the memorial in April 2009 and the fountain was actually in operation. although the area around it was still dirty and run down. Fortunately the name plaques were still intact and legible.

In 2012 things were not looking too great once again as this image taken from Darragh Centre testifies.

The memorial may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates -26.191156°  28.087656° .

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