Attack of the 50ft Twinn (1)

It was yet another gloomy rain promising day, the Tumbling Twinns were out and about, some had decided to hibernate, some were reading or doing Twinn things. Jeanette was at home and was bored. A noise from the lounge caught her ear…. “Oh, somebody is playing trains. Maybe I can play too.” She said to herself.
In the lounge she found Dana at the controls of the Trans-Europ Express. It was going round and round, occasionally stopping at a station to collect passengers.
“Hi Dana. Hows the train running?”
“Hi Jeanette. We have a strict timetable to keep to today, lots of people going hither and thither.”

Jeanette watched the small train hurtling around the track. “It does seem to be busy today. Is it a special holiday?”
“Normal traffic for this time of the day. I am doing one last trip and then shunting it back to the station and changing to a more leisurely train.”
“Wow, you do take this seriously.”

“I know, its not everyday that I get to play with a trainset though.”
“Hmm, now that I think of it, this is would make a great set for a cheesey monster flick.”
“A cheesey monster flick?”
“Definitely. I can see it now……..”

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