A Shocking New Arrival (3)

The door to the lab/kitchen creaked open dramatically and a very satisfied Igorina appeared supporting an obviously disorientated Twinn. “Girlth, I can thafely thay that I have completed my tathk. I hath re-athembled Marthy. Thee ith a bit unthteady on her feet but will be ath right ath rain in a jiffy.”

Samantha just happened to be close, hoping to attract the attention of Chandler when Marcy emerged.  “Hullo Marthy, my name is Samantha.” She said brazenly.
“Hullo Samantha, my name is Marcy. I am sorry I am a bit messed up at the moment.”
“Hi Marcy, long time no see”. Chandler said. “It’s been ages since the old days at the Continuum.”
“Marcy? I thought your name was Marthy!” Samantha said. “But it doesn’t matter, when you have some time come look me up, you can bunk with Virginia and I under the bed with Victoria.”
“Samantha, you have nothing to be afraid of. Marcy had a slight accident on her way here and we asked Igorina to see what she could do. Sarah was just not skilled enough to do this sort of work,  and Igorina and Alison have fixed her up as good as newish.”

“Aaah Marcy, good to see you all in one piece again, I have just the thing for you”. Sarah Willow interjected. “A nice soothing cup of strong tea, it will put a capital A in your Armature. Welcome to Tumbling Twinns.”

“Thanks Sarah, that will go down well. I feel like I have been left to lay on an ironing board and then run over by 3 bicycles driven by elephants.”
“A thmall thide effect, it will path.” Igor explained to nobody in particular.

And so Marthy, er… Marcy Valentine, made her slightly electrifying debut at Tumbling Twinns. She has had no ill effects from her brush with Igorina and Alison except that occasionally cutlery sticks to her. She often bunks down with Samantha, Virginia and Victoria under the bed, although she does seem to attract dustbunnies when it is very dry.

Igorina and Alison continued to run up the electricity bill by trying to reanimate sausages and fish fingers. Fortunately none of these experiments worked, and I should be finished paying back the electricity bill by 2034.

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