A Shocking New Arrival (1)

It was gloomy and only slightly warm day in early November. Samantha and Virginia were outside enjoying some tea and a chat.
“Samantha”, Virgina said. “Have you noticed, Igorina has been busy in her lab for quite some time, what do you think she is doing?”
“I don’t know Virginia, but it does involve large amounts of electricity and bottles of suspicious objects.”

“Did you notice that too? I swear, one of those bottles had eyeballs in it!”
“It did! I saw it too, and she has all these spare Twinn arms and legs in that black bag of hers. It’s gotten so bad Victoria has moved her bed under the bed!”
“She scares me, I am going to speak to the new Twinn council.” Virgina said with a slight quiver in her voice.
“I wonder what Dawn would have done in our situation?”
“I bet she would have hauled out her chainsaw and let rip!” Virginia agreed.
“Maybe we should speak to Dawn instead?”
“Dawn and Igorina are big pals though, the chances are she will just laugh, eat a biscuit and carry on reading her comics.”
Just then Igorina walked onto the balcony. She was carry an arm tucked under her own arm.

“Hullo girlth, any thign of a thtorm?” she asked cheerfully.
“Hi Igorina, the weather is actually quite pleasant for a change”. Samantha said cautiously.
“I wouldn’t be too sure of that Sam, look out towards the West! There’s a storm brewing”. Virgina said.
“Yikes! I wonder if Victoria has a space under her bed for me?”

“Oh goody, itth a doothey of a thtorm, I mutht make preparationth.” Igor dashed back to her lab, rubbing her hands and that of the spare arm excitedly.
“Thith, I mean, This, is getting more frightening by the minute.” Samantha said nervously.
“I wonder if we shouldn’t ask Chandler to pop in there and have a Twinn to Twinn chat with our friendly Igor?”
The first bolt of lightning struck, causing both Twinns to run inside. “That was right on top of us!”
“And I can smell burning, and its not me!”
“Or me!”
Justyn dashed into the room dressed in his 1st Twinn Fire Brigade Firemans outfit. “I heard a bang! Where’s the fire?? Did anybody call the FireTwinn Brigade??”

“Sorry… it wasn’t us, but we are not so sure about Igor’s lab. It seemed to come from there.”
“Igor’s lab? No way I am going in there! Last time I did I saw this bottle of eyeballs and each one was looking at me!”

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