A Belated Valentine (II)

Good Going. Sunny cries a few fake tears and we are in time out until we are thirty, maybe longer. Mom was really mad about Sunny not getting a getting a Valentine.

Never Fear! I have another one of my brilliant ideas! Quick, Yell for Mom!

Mom, We are really sorry. We got the kitten intending it to be a Valentines present for Sunny, instead of giving her a card. We wanted to make up to her for some of the things that we have done to her. You didn’t give us a chance to explain.

Here Sunny. Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks, I Love You both and I always knew you loved me too.

Great! Now we don’t have a kitten and had to get hugged by Sunny. Any more brilliant ideas?

As a matter of fact, I do.

If it was wrong not to give Sunny a Valentine, then it would also be wrong not to give each other a Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day to us!

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