Germiston and Districts War Memorial: Germiston

These photographs were taken on the 14th of  November 2009 at the Germiston and Districts War Memorial on the corner of Odendaal and President Strs. Germiston.

Sadly the memorial had been defaced and used as a drinking spot as well as a posterboard. Ironically, Remembrance Day was only a few days before. It is doubtful whether any remembering was done in Germiston in 2009.

In 2013 rumours of the memorial being stripped of its plaques started doing the rounds and this was confirmed by images I saw online (link may not be working) of a shell with no plaques. The area seemed to have been fenced too and it looked like some sort of development was being done around the site. I could however not confirm anything about where the plaques were, although they probably ended up being stolen and sold for scrap. Hopefully though the memorial is being refurbished, or the plaques taken in for restoration, but knowing how these things go, the probability is small. I will update this page if I do hear anything further.

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