Welcome to allatsea

This iteration of allatsea.co.za was really a glimpse at the world that I live in and have lived in. It encompassed many things, although the main focus used to be transportation and memorials. I am busy shutting this blog down and it will be done by the middle of 2021, as I am busy deleting posts at the moment. When I am finished it will be gone forever as I was not able to find anybody who would be willing to take it over.  A lot of material was moved to  Musings at allatsea  which  is a chronological blog about my current travels and adventures, you can access it using the banner below. 

Use the banner above to access Musings, or if you feel up to it you may also use this link to take you there.

If are in South Africa and are looking for information about covid-19 here please visit the South African online resource below.

I have been busy removing a lot of material here and over the coming months more will disappear as I purge content. The major problem is that most of the memorial related material from South Africa is at least 7 years out of date and there have undoubtedly been many changes since I first documented what I saw.  I also feel that the time has come to put much of this behind me and “move on” to Musings instead as it is more relevant. Fortunately some material can easily be migrated to Musings and I will be doing so. But realistically All At Sea has run it’s course.

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